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KJM PROJECT MANAGEMENT is renowned for best practice, customer care and its ability to manage projects from conception to handover.

A significant amount of effort and planning precedes our accomplishments. Our project management methods and control systems are state of the art in the building, construction and property industry. Our clients gain considerable benefit by involving us early and obtaining our input during the design phase. Quite often our innovations result in ease of construction and cost savings.

The flexibility of our project managements system is designed to tailor our efforts to each project size, complexity, type of client and time constraints. Attention is given to each of these areas by unique selection team members, from the owners to the project managers, design consultants, planners, schedulers and operations staff.

As a Prime Consultant, KJM has excelled in the difficult and essential element of co-ordinating all design disciplines right through the delivery process and to work closely with all key players to resolve any problems before they may impact the project.

Timely, accurate handling and reporting of changes in drawings and the scope of work is also necessary for a successful project. Any changes are immediately addressed as not to impede construction progress.

Our objective is to develop and maintain a realistic and workable schedule for a given project. Our complete understanding of the scope of work enables us to produce a schedule compatible with client requirements.

Project schedules are developed and progress input is maintained by our project managers and administrators to provide continuous positive progress through to completion.

Some of the tools that are available to our clients are critical path scheduling, manpower charting, cost analysis, weekly project analysis, and procurement analysis. Input into these systems allows us to immediately recognize problems and implement changes where necessary to keep projects on track. Regardless of the degree of sophistication required for scheduling individual projects, we have the experience, resources and ability to complete the work on schedule and on budget.