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Why KJM?

Achieving your professional goals requires finding an employer who values the same things you do: a culture that welcomes employee input; opportunities to advance while doing great work; the chance to make a real difference.

For the seasoned professional, or those just starting out, KJM offers all this and more.

KJM retains those who are looking for opportunities beyond just a job. From project managers, to designers and engineers, to skilled trades people, those who establish a career with KJM discover the true meaning of pride, accomplishment and teamwork.

On a daily basis, we're involved in some of the most interesting and challenging projects, bringing our steadfast commitment to safety, leading-edge expertise, innovative concepts and techniques, lean processes and more to provide a better working environment across the country.

Join our team and you'll be part of it all, with the freedom to grow personally and professionally while working with others and contributing to the growth of our company.